Joyful Habits for Changemakers

Become an expert habit-builder and build the meaningful habits you need to be resilient in your changemaking work

(Registration Closed for Spring 2023 group)

Don’t want to wait until the next round?

A great place to start is with my “Habit-Design 101 for Changemakers” video training for $25.

➡️ Key elements

  • What: A 3-month coaching and support program for you to learn to be consistent with your habits in a way that’s joyful and easy
  • Who: Changemakers who want to get good at habit-building so they can do their world-changing work with more vitality and effectiveness.
  • When: April 19 – July 5, 2023. Weekly calls on Wednesday from 4:00-5:00pm Pacific.
  • Led by: Jeremy Blanchard, Professional Certified Coach and big-time habits nerd 🤓
  • Price:  Sliding scale $150-$350/month for 3 months. (Plus some discounts below)
  • Size: Space for up to 20 folks.

Or you can email me with any questions you have. Happy to chat to help you see if this program is the right fit for you at this time.

You can use this group to help you…

  1. Boost your resilience: This is the number 1 way I have supported my clients to build habits. Resilience practices include: meditation, journaling, time in nature, movement, dance, creativity, music, and anything else that nourishes your heart. These habits help you navigate challenges and setbacks more effectively.
  2. Prevent burnout: We all have self-care habits we know make a difference for us! This might include exercise, meditation, and regular breaks. These can help reduce your stress and prevent burnout, ensuring your long-term engagement in the work that matters most.
  3. Improve your time management & focus: Establishing routines and good time management habits can help you balance all your responsibilities more effectively. This might include habits like day planning, week planning, prioritizing tasks, and dealing with unexpected tasks.
  4. Reducing distractions: The number one habit most of my clients want to reduce is checking their phone, email, and social media. We will have sections of this program dedicated to how to transform these habits and reclaim our time.

Why habits? Habits + collective liberation

In my view, cultivating better habits is the foundation for a more fulfilling life. As we improve our wellness and effectiveness, we not only experience greater personal joy and sustainability, but also contribute to a positive ripple effect in our movements and work for social change. This synergy between individual and collective progress creates a network of growth that reinforces and amplifies positive change.

The changemakers I admire most are …

  • … The ones who have discovered how to focus their energy without pushing beyond their capacity. 
  • … The ones who have nourishing practices built into their days so they can fill their cups.
  • … The ones who take the time to organize their work so they can be responsive rather than reactive (even in the midst of urgent work).

These are also the folks who I see staying in the work for the long haul. They have habits that support their work for change.

🤔 My habits philosophy

These are a couple of the core pieces that guide my approach to habits:

  • Goals are overrated — what we’re often actually longing for is to change our behavior consistently and stick with it over time (aka: change our habits!)
  • You don’t need more willpower or motivation to stick with a habit, you need a system that helps you take the action you want to take even when you don’t feel particularly motivated.

Program Overview: What you’ll learn

#1. ✅ Choose the habits that are the right fit for you
  • Choose meaningful habits (instead of the ones you “should” do)
  • Create a clear system to do your habits (so they aren’t vague ideas)
  • Prioritize the habits you want to focus on (given that you have limited time in your days)
#2. ⚙️ A structure that helps you be consistent and flexible  (aka, roll with the punches)
  • Learn to stick with a habit consistently (even when your day/week doesn’t go according to plan)
  • Learn to get back on the habit train 🚂 (when you inevitably miss a day)
  • Practice using peer accountability and tracking tools to help you stay consistent (without becoming rigid or shame-y)
#3. 🌲 Do it with flow instead of forcing
  • Learn how to make habits pleasurable, enjoyable, and sweet (instead of “rules” and “shoulds”’”)
  • Learn how to make habits small and doable (so you don’t need to “motivate yourself” to do them)
  • Learn how to bring self-compassion (when things inevitably don’t go as planned)
#4. ☀️ Replace draining (“bad”) habits with nourishing (“good”) ones
  • Learn how to apply this whole formula to break habits that are draining your energy (too much phone time is one most of us struggle with!)
  • Learn how to make habits you want to do satisfying and attractive so you’re intrinsically drawn to them.
  • Learn to redirect the impulse toward a “bad” habit and use that energy to fuel something important to you (so you don’t have to just keep “trying to stop.”)

My influences: Some of the books that influence my approach in this area are: Atomic Habits by James Clear, Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman, and Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown. I mix these together with my approaches to finding meaningful habits that I’ve refined while coaching hundreds of changemakers.

One of my clients shared this recently:

Over a short time working with Jeremy, I have made significant progress towards building an arsenal of habits that I’ve been meaning to develop for years. Jeremy has workshopped developing effective systems with me, encouraged me and even played the role of accountability buddy. It’s been a creative, enjoyable and affirming process working with him to establish new habits helping me become the person I want to be.

— Blake Kopcho, community organizer

👤 Who this is for

  • Changemakers – My definition of changemaker: you’re someone who cares about making the world a better and more vibrant place. Period. This can include many kinds of roles: organizers, activists, healers, artists, entrepreneurs, parents–or anything else! What unites us is our desire to transform the world.  I believe that our habits can help us show up with the resilience, energy, and joy that we want to bring to the work of remaking the world.
  • People who work best with guidance and support – There are lots of books you can read on habits. This program is for people who know they are more successful and have more fun when they learn and implement alongside like-minded peers.

Who this is NOT for

  • Treating substance use – If the habit you want to address is shifting your substance use, please reach out to me and I can put you in touch with professionals who are skilled at helping you with that journey.
  • Treating addiction – If you are not sure if what you’re experiencing is an addiction, I invite you to email me and we can discuss whether this program is the right fit.

💬 Reasons you might join this program

  • “I start off with a lot of motivation to maintain them, and then when that initial burst of energy wears off I struggle to continue.”
  • “I keep meaning to get around to [INSERT HABIT HERE] but I never end up making time for it.”
  • “I’m crummy at following through. Sometimes I think I just don’t have the discipline, which makes it no fun.”
  • “My habits always feel like they become rigid rules I have to follow, and then I don’t want to do them.”
  • “I keep doing what’s more familiar or comfortable even though there are other things I really want to be doing with my energy.”
  • “I’ll start a habit for a few days, but when my day doesn’t go as planned, I don’t know how to stick with the habit.”

This program is here to support you with all of these.

👋🏻 About Jeremy

Hi all! I’m Jeremy (he/him). I’ve been a coach for social change-y folks for over 10 years. I’m a professional credentialed coach with over 2,000 hours under my belt. I’ve worked with clients in movements, nonprofits, entrepreneurship, activism, creative work, and public government.

You can read more about me on my coaching page (including my commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion).

The habit that I’m most proud of is my monthly solo retreat practice. In 2018 I began a practice of taking a one-day solo retreat every month. (And I’ve kept it up since then!) I  recognized that I was really good at my “get stuff done” habits — so much so that I was filling up my whole life with tasks and social events. I knew I needed some time to go inward, slow down, and unplug. These retreats have offered me precious space to journal, read, make music, be in nature, and connect with my heart. I consider this an essential resilience practice that supports my work for change! (My other most meaningful habit is my daily piano practice habit!)

📆 Schedule 

  • 12 sessions: April 19 – July 5, 2023
  • Weekly group coaching/training calls on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm Pacific

🦋 What you get

3 months of support to get consistent with 3-5 habits that matter to you

Main components:

  • 11x Weekly group coaching/training sessions to coach you on your design. (1 hour each)
  • 1x Initial Training: Introduction to the habit framework (1 hour)
  • Habit fine-tuning support between sessions – Post to our WhatsApp group and get an audio/video/written coaching from me to help you fine-tune your habits when you encounter trouble spots.
  • Accountability buddy in the group who is working on similar habits (daily, weekly, etc.)


  • WhatsApp group for community support – Learn from each other’s questions. Make quicker progress than you would 1-on-1 because there are so many points of support.
  • Small group – We will have no more than 20 folks in the program, so everyone can get direct support.
  • Resources – Guides, handouts, trackers, all the good stuff!
  • Text Jeremy anytime!
  • Lifetime access to materials and recordings
  • Discounted price for private 30-minute coaching sessions with Jeremy

Or email me with any questions you have.

💲 Sliding Scale Pricing

I invite you to choose a tier that works for you. And to bring joy to whatever tier you select!

Program starts April 19

Normal Sliding Scale
$350/month if you are financially flourishing
$250/month if you are financially stable
$150/month if you are financially getting by

Scholarship spots are available if none of these tiers are accessible to you. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss one of these.

📢 BIPOC changemaker discount: I’m offering a 20% discount off of any of the prices you see above for BIPOC-identified folks. Use coupon code BIPOC.

⭐ Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

I want you to feel good about joining this group, so I offer a 30-day guarantee. If you’re not finding the program helpful within the first 30 days after the group starts, just let me know. I’ll happily refund your payments up to that point, no hard feelings. What’s most important to me is that you have the support that is right for you. I hope this makes it easy for you to hop in and try this group out!

⭕️ Redistribution: I donate 10% of my income to mutual aid efforts and causes for justice to keep energy moving toward the world we want to see.

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✉️ Contact me with any questions

If you’re considering this program and not yet sure if it’s the right thing for you, please send me an email. I’ll do my best to understand your needs and help you assess whether this might be a good fit. I’m also available to hop on the phone if that’s helpful!