Coaching Group for the Great Turning

A six-month group to support you to take
consistent, bold, resilient action in service to the Great Turning.

Joanna Macy is a spiritual social change leader who describes three stories we might choose to tell of our time:

  • Business as Usual: “We just need to keep going on our current trajectory.”
  • The Great Unraveling: “Our world is falling apart.”
  • The Great Turning: “We each have the opportunity to help awaken humanity and help create a life-sustaining society.”

This group is for people who are playing their part in the Great Turning to come together, move beyond their stopping points, and take focused action to serve the world.

If you’re ready to register, you can check out the sliding scale pricing below.

“I felt utterly supported to be my best self. I got valuable tools for how to approach my dreams and decisions. I am so thankful for Jeremy and the support and guidance he provided. I would do it a million times over again.”
– Tresne Hernandez, Healer and Clown


My vision for this group

  • I believe that this political moment is calling upon us to give our greatest gifts to the world we know is possible.
  • I believe that there is no lack of vision and creative ideas for a better world.
  • I believe that the task of our time is to support changemakers to bring the vision in their hearts out into the world.
  • I believe that coaching is a powerful form of support that helps us grow into the people we really are so we can act on our vision — with clear purpose, focused energy, ease-filled steps, and gratitude for the journey.

If you said “YESSSS!” to any of these, stick around. You’re in the right place.

I am offering this coaching group as a way for you to develop your resilience skills and master your ability to access your innate creativity and power for change — especially when you encounter challenges. My vision is that everyone who joins this group is able to say, “I am contributing what is mine to contribute right now, (… and I’m doing it with joy and ease!).”

The value you’ll get from this group

  • Clarity on your vision: You will see where you’d love to be making your greatest contribution, or get even greater clarity on a vision you already have.
  • Resilience: When we’re taking action on something important to us, we often experience exhaustion, confusion, burnout, and “oh shit” moments that make us want to go do something else. This group will support you to develop your resilience skillset so you can keep going even in the face of challenges and unpredictability.
  • Joyous, focused action: Ultimately, the way we know we made our contribution in the world is when we take action on it. This group will support you to discover the series of small, sweet steps that add up to scoring your goals. You’ll also be making the impact you’ve been wanting to make, with joy instead of struggle.
  • A community of support: The magic of a coaching group is that you benefit from the breakthroughs of everyone in the group. And the group will be there to support you between our scheduled sessions.

Is this for me?

When I say “changemaker” what I mean is: You see the world as it is, you see the world as it could be, and you’re called to bridge the gap.

Do you see yourself in any of these statements?

  • “I’ve been feeling exhausted and confused since the election. I don’t know what to do next that will make a real difference.”
  • “I’m on the edge of burning out trying to create the world I envision.”
  • “I know what I want to create , but I keep starting and stopping as I’m going for it.”
  • “I know I’m dedicated to making a difference in the world, but I don’t know which of my ideas I should start with.”
  • “I want to have more balance in my life and actually enjoy my life while I’m making a difference.”

If any of these sounds like you, I want to invite you to join this group.

This is NOT for you right now if:

  1. You are not currently interested in making an impact for a better world.
  2. You are not in a place to look ahead or make changes to how you approach your life.
  3. You’re not interested in a spiritual view of your life and making change.

What is coaching all about?

As a coach, I support you to:

  • See clearly the contributions you’re here to make
  • Move beyond your familiar stopping points
  • Have breakthroughs and learn the lessons you need to learn to grow into the person you are
  • Take action with ease and joy (instead of the familiar struggle)
  • Celebrate your successes and learn lessons they have to teach you

I won’t be giving advice, I’ll be supporting you to listen to your “voice of wisdom” and clear away the “mental fog” that often comes up you’re going for something that is important to you.

In this coaching group, you’ll be with a group of 5-12 changemakers like you who are dedicated to making their greatest contribution for a better world. I will be coaching you in a group setting to have breakthroughs, and the group will be getting coached (directly and indirectly) as each person gets coached.

My coaching approach

  • Timeless wisdom (vs. trendy BS)
  • Simple principles (vs. sweeping prescriptions)
  • Compassionate support (vs. guilt tripping)
  • Your wisdom (vs. my agenda)
  • Practical tools (vs. magical thinking)
  • Actionable steps (vs. feel-good insight)
  • Tangible results (vs. hyped-up promises)

Who is leading this group?

Hi, I’m Jeremy.

I’ve been an activist in many movements (climate, racial justice, and others) since 2009. I’ve been coaching leaders and changemakers full-time since 2012.

I love communal living, ecstatic dance, fiddle music, juggling, and ice cream (mmmmm)!

How it works & what you get

The group goes for six months. This allows us to create a tight-knit community of support, and allows you to set and score meaningful goals with the community along side you for the whole journey.

Two 90-minute calls per month: We’ll meet for two group sessions per month, each of which is 90-minutes long.

Join by video or phone: We will meet via video chat on the Zoom platform, which is the next best thing to being in a room together. You can also call in by phone.

Get coached frequently: Each person will get coached at least every other session (and usually more frequently).

Small group: It’s important to me that you get the support you’re here for. This group will have 5-12 people in it.

Unlimited text support: In between our coaching sessions, we can text back and forth to talk about your questions, challenges, and celebrations!

Community Facebook group: Use this group for sharing celebration, pairing up with support buddies, asking questions, and cheering each other on.

Handouts and slides: I will be sharing occasional tools and handouts so that you can take the lessons from our coaching conversations and easily put them into action in your life. You will be able to access these through an online portal.

Video recordings: You will get video recordings of every session.

“I have had such a profound experience of truth during my interactions with Jeremy. I feel like he helped me discover that I truly can be exactly who I want to be, as long as I’m willing to get clear about what that is and take action towards it.

Could I do that for myself? Perhaps. But I hadn’t done it. The holding pattern of indecision and inaction dragged on until I started working with Jeremy. I can’t put a value or dollar sign on that. It’s priceless. Be bold. Invest in something truly valuable–your quality of life, your peace of mind, your future, your happiness. ”

– Shelley Villalobos, Council for Responsible Sport, Certification Director

Group Schedule

We’ll meet for our live sessions on Tuesdays, 5-6:30pm Pacific Time, on the dates below.

Can’t make some of the live sessions? No worries! You’ll get a recording of each session no later than 48 hours afterward, AND you can always take advantage of the unlimited text support and Facebook Group.

Not available these dates/times? If you’re clear that you would join if the sessions were just at a different time (or day), email me at [email protected] and let me know. We may start a second group if enough people express interest.

Our 12 group coaching sessions will be on:

  • October 17, 2017
  • October 24, 2017
  • November 7, 2017
  • November 21, 2017
  • December 5, 2017
  • December 12, 2017
  • January 2, 2018
  • January 16, 2018
  • February 6, 2018
  • February 20, 2018
  • March 6, 2018
  • March 20, 2018


My promise to you is that you will get far more than your investment’s worth in this program.

On the most tangible level, you will receive 18 hours of coaching from me — which, were you paying my 1-on-1 rate, would cost between $3,150-$5,580.

And, less quantifiably but just as tangibly, by using what you learn in this program, you will:

  • Experience the aliveness and energy that comes with making the contributions you’re here to make.
  • End your days satisfied knowing that you focus your energy on the most important things (rather than all the distractions).
  • Save time, money, and energy that would have otherwise been spent “stopped” or “working really hard” toward your goals.
  • Grow as a leader — you will learn to demonstrate the qualities that you see in the leaders you most admire.
  • Grow as a person — I often hear from my clients that they experience themselves as a whole new person after they’ve worked with me. You will set out on a journey that will transform you.


I stand for a world where everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out, and my pricing reflects that vision. I use a suggested sliding scale so folks can participate who otherwise couldn’t do so, and so I can keep offering my work where it can do the greatest good.

Simply choose the tier below that’s a stretch but not a hardship.

Payment Tiers Suggested Based on Household Income Ranges

$50,000+ / year:
$135/month for 6 months
$25,000 – $49,999 / year:
$120/month for 6 months
$0 – $24,999 / year:
$90/month for 6 months


Single payment discount: Save 10% if you pay in full when you register. (10% discount amounts to the following tiers on a single payment: $729, $648, $486)

Bring-a-friend discount: If a friend enrolls because of your invitation, you both get 20% off. (20% discounts amounts to the following tiers: $108/month, $96/month, $72/month)

Early bird bonus: If you sign up by October 10, 2017 you get a bonus 1-hour private coaching session with me ($175-$310 value). We can use this time clarify your vision and design your goals for this program, which will amplify the value you get from the entire group.

When should I register? I am capping this group at 12 participants. I will do my best to let folks know when it’s close to filling up so you can sign up while there is still space. You can register up until the first session of the group.

Summary of what you get: 12 group coaching sessions (90-minutes each) to support you to make your greatest contributions, intimate group, unlimited text support w/ Jeremy, community of support, Facebook group, session recordings, digital handouts

Register now with monthly payments
Register now with a single payment (save 10%)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you’re not satisfied with the program, email me at [email protected] by November 30th and I’ll gladly refund you 100%, no questions asked — AND you can keep any program materials thus far.

Want to chat first to see if this is a fit for you?

It’s no small thing that you’re considering investing your time and money in this program. It’s important to me that every participant in the group is clear that this is the best place for them to get the support right now.

Schedule a 30-minute chat w/ Jeremy

No sales-y stuff, no pressure, just a chat to see what will serve you best and answer your questions.

If we see this group isn’t the right fit for you, I’ll do my best to connect you with resources, programs, and coaches who might be the right fit for you given your vision and goals right now.

“If you know you’re capable of great things, but you’re not quite sure how to bring your ideas into reality; if you’re frequently bogged down by feelings of unworthiness, lack, or inability; if you feel afraid of moving towards a goal, yet you can’t let it go in your heart – then I would highly recommend coaching to you. It benefits you, and everyone around you, to move from this place of truth.”

– Makenna Davis, Changemaker


What happens during the group sessions?

Sessions are 90 minutes long and happen twice per month for six months. You will get coached personally at least every other session (and usually more frequently than that).

A typical session looks like:

  • Getting centered together
  • Sharing our celebrations with one another
  • One person in the “coaching seat” shares what they’d like support on.
  • That person gets coached (usually ~15 minutes each). I’ll bring in the wisdom of the group to support everyone to be learning the lessons that are there for them. The magic of the group happens here!
  • Everyone shares their personal takeaways from the conversation.
  • Next person is up on the “coaching seat.”

There is never a dull moment on these sessions. And they are consistently very energizing for everyone who participates.

What topics/areas can I get coaching on?

Anything! There’s no limit. Although this group is for “changemakers,” you don’t have to get coaching on something you think of as your “changemaking work.” Because the truth is… everything is related to your contributions and changemaking! Topics you might get coaching on:

Career, passion, entrepreneurial ventures, relationship with money, relationship with time, love and partnership, health, friendships, teams, communication, activism, enjoyment and relaxation, hobbies … and just about anything else.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Psychotherapy, is focused primarily on healing, processing, trauma, and emotions. Though you may experience emotions when getting coached, we see them as a normal part of being human, and direct our focus toward getting you the support to move forward clearly and powerfully.

Think of a sports context: If an athlete wants to play their best game, they hire a coach to support them to refine their game and make their greatest contributions. If they sprain their ankle, they wouldn’t go to their coach asking how to improve their game, they would see a physical therapist until they were healed enough to get back on the field.

It’s not uncommon for a person to realize during coaching that healing is called for. If a healing need arises while we’re coaching, my promise as a professional coach is to help you see what kind of support would make a difference for you.

Will you be using or studying The Work that Reconnects in the group?

Although this group is inspired by Joanna Macy’s work, we will not be using her work — the Work that Reconnects — as the foundation of our coaching conversations. The approach we are using is very compatible with that body of work. You don’t need to be familiar with Joanna’s work to participate. This group is for people who are dedicated to being of service to The Great Turning to act in clear, focused ways toward their vision.

What are Jeremy’s qualifications as a coach?

I’ve been an activist and changemaker in the climate movement since 2009. I’ve been a coach since 2012 (see my story on the next question). I have over 900 hours of coaching experience from working with over 100 clients 1-on-1 and in groups.

I received my training at the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE). In addition to my private coaching practice, I work as a course leader and mentor coach with ACE to help this body of work reach even more leaders and changemakers in the world.

I have received the Professional Certified Coach credential from the primary professional body of coaches (the International Coaching Federation). Which basically means I’m professionally trained, mentored, and have over 500 hours of experience.

Why do you love coaching? How did you get into it?

When I first experienced the transformational nature of this body of work, I immediately thought “oh my gosh, if every changemaker I know had access to this, folks would be making a MUCH bigger impact, being way more creative in their work, and enjoying their lives way more.” That vision eventually lead me to becoming a professional coach.

How much does it cost? Do you offer scholarships?

I offer sliding scale pricing to make my work available to folks with a range of financial resources. I do this in place of scholarships. That said, it’s important to me to make this group accessible, so if you’d like to discuss other options, please schedule a call with me (see below).

How this group came to be…

I dreamt up this program after attending a retreat with Joanna Macy and having a hundred new visions pop into my mind about how I could be of greatest service to the world I envision. I had the following thoughts in succession: “I’m so worried about whether these ideas are going to work! … Oh my gosh, that’s how I know I need to work with a coach right now! … Oh I bet everyone at this retreat could use a coach right now! … Oh wait! I’m a coach!” I laughed at myself after thinking all of that. I’m dedicated to this group being of greatest service toward all the visions in your heart.

The fact that you’re even reading this right now tells me that you’re doing some really bad ass work in the world, and that you have a vision for how you can make even greater contributions (and do it with more joy).

Whatever you decide regarding this group right now, I want to acknowledge you for being someone who has dedicated themselves to a cause that serves something greater than your own individual benefit. Thanks for doing what’s yours to do.

See you there,
Jeremy Blanchard

p.s. – If you ever need any support on anything, please consider me on your team. Though I have paid programs, my mission is to support changemakers to make their dreams happen in physical reality. You can call me anytime for coaching or support. Email me at [email protected] if you want to connect.