Enrollment Bootcamp

Fill your coaching practice without being “sales-y”

This course will support you to confidently and consistently fill your coaching practice with clients you love to work with — in a way that empowers everyone involved.

What: An immersive 6-month program to fill your coaching practice
Who: Trained coaches (and other solo entrepreneurs)
Size: Space is limited. Only 20 spots available.
When: April 29 – October 28, 2020 • Wednesdays, 4:00 – 5:30pm Pacific
Led by: Jeremy Blanchard, Enrollment Wizard + Professional Certified Coach
Price: Sliding scale $375-500/month for 6 months

Intro Webinar: Enrolling Clients During Turbulent Times: Five pillars to building your coaching practice at a time when people need support more than ever


Watch the intro webinar recording
Learn the 5 pillars to building your coaching practice at a time when people need support more than ever

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    Why I lead this course

    Jeremy Blanchard, PCC
    Enrollment Wizard
    Professional Certified Coach

    Hi friends! I’ve been coaching and enrolling clients for over 6 years now.

    It absolutely breaks my heart to see so many coaches out there without many clients.

    There is so much capacity for transformation, but it isn’t being realized because there are no clients!

    If you had asked me 5 years ago whether I’d find myself leading a program on enrollment, I would have said “yeah right!”

    Since I became a coach, I’ve come to learn one very important thing: enrollment conversations are where the entire coaching journey begins. It’s where the client has the chance to really see a “game worth playing” for themselves. And most importantly, when they say yes to hiring you, they’re really saying yes to their dream.

    I have been running this program for three years now because I believe it is the missing piece to bring more transformational coaching into the world.

    Please read the invitation below. If this sounds like it might be a fit, please schedule a chat with me so we can see what your vision is!

    *high five*

    — Jeremy

    What You’ll Get

    This course will NOT magically “manifest” a full coaching practice. 🙂 But it will help you take consistent action to find folks who’d love to work with you, and have empowering enrollment conversations with them.

    This program will give you the chance to:

    • Be energized by working alongside other coaches who are taking their practice to the next level.

    • Fill your practice and the income you’d love from coaching sooner and with much more ease.

    • Save needless wasted hours of putting off enrollment until you’re “good enough”

    • Turn every enrollment interaction into a transformational experience — whether they sign up or not.

    • Learn fewer enrollment lessons “the hard way.”

    AND, you’ll be a part of an incredible community of peers, all supporting each other to be successful.

    What You’ll Learn

    In this immersive, 6-month online course, you and a supportive, small-group cohort will go through five pillars together:

    Pillar 1: Enrollment as service, not “selling”

      • See the heart of what you’re offering so you’re pulled forward by the contribution you wish to make, rather than being stopped by your worries.
      • Learn to take your attention off yourself, and consistently put it on being of service, so you delight in every step of enrollment.

      Pillar 2: Stay the course with support

        • Learn to do clear-eyed planning so you no longer have to “hope” that you “eventually” enroll enough clients.
        • Be surrounded by coaching, mentorship, peer support, and the declaration of the community to act as your “bowling bumpers” to keep you on course when you might be close to stopping yourself.

        Pillar 3: Find new clients that you love to work with

          • Discover a way to engage your network that builds relationship with them rather than “expending a limited resource.”
          • Learn how to find clients who are the most likely to enroll with you because they already know they can count on you.

          Pillar 4: Discover the vision they already want to say yes to

            • Have enrollment conversations that are truly enlivening and give the prospective client an opportunity to see something they’ve never seen before — whether they sign up with you or not.
            • Learn how to address their concerns about money and time with delight rather than stress.

            Pillar 5: Set up your business “admin autopilot” systems

            • Learn which systems to use (and which not to use) so you can focus on serving rather than “paperwork.”
            • Benefit from the template tracking systems, conversation outlines, follow up processes, contracts, and spreadsheets that I’ve created over six years of professional coaching.

            What’s Included

            • 12 live group coaching calls

              Use these 90-minute calls to raise questions, role play scenarios, celebrate successes, address challenges, and gain insight by listening to your fellow classmates.

            • 12 live training modules

              Every other week is a 90-minute training session, where you learn the pillars of the enrollment framework. We’ll practice these principles during the coaching sessions.

            • Guides & templates

              You get conversation outlines, weekly workflow guides, tracking spreadsheets, and much more — so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

            • Incredibly supportive community

              In our sessions, a dynamic Facebook Group, and even after the course, you will be astounded by the support, friendship, and community you experience.

            • Daily 1-1 support buddy

              Nothing beats having a real person to be by your side as you go for your goals. You’ll have brief daily check-ins with your buddy to support one another!

            • Lifetime access to course materials

              Get lifetime access to all session slides and summaries, video & audio recordings, and assignments.

            • Unlimited text support

              In between sessions, we can text back and forth to talk about your insights, questions, and challenges.

            • Six months of support to implement

              This program is all about taking action to score your enrollment goals. It is six months long so you can implement what you’ve learned with full support.

            Reviews from Graduates

            “I’m feeling energized (rather than drained) by the idea of enrollment conversations.”Jenny Russell
            “It was the beginning-to-end, nuts-and-bolts tools that you don’t learn during coaching courses … though you desperately need them if you want to become a coach.”
            Allison Roeser
            “If you want to learn a simple and effective system for enrolling clients, have a community of support to help you score your goals, and have fun building your business, this is the program for you. ”
            Brinkley Hutchings
            “I was starving for more direction with my business: best practices from a trusted source, hand holding in the enrollment process, and I fresh community to do dig my heals in and set the foundation for a thriving business. This program truly did just that – it met and exceeded all my expectations. Above all, I feel held and confident and motivated to keep going! Truly, thank you.”
            Jenna Starkey
            Would recommend this program

            “Is this for me?”

            Whether you’re currently in-training as a coach or have been coaching for a while, this is for you if you’re looking for a framework for finding and enrolling clients that is empowering, uplifting, and authentic.

            • You want to have a full coaching practice, but don’t know where to start.

            • Your efforts have been “hit & miss” and you want to create momentum.

            • You want to feel more confident in your conversations.

            • You want a reliable process to find & enroll new clients.

            This is not for you right now if:

            1. You only want 2-4 new clients in the next 6-12 months.
            2. You’re not in a place to invest time or energy in growing your business.
            3. You’re not trained in an ICF-accredited school, and don’t have plans to enroll in one in the next 6 months. (Only applicable to coaches… if you’re a consultant and considering this program, chat with me!)

            Why people join:

            • “I am ready to have a breakthrough around money and time while I enroll more clients and develop myself as an entrepreneur, a coach, and someone becoming financially successful!”

            • I’ve realized how challenging building a business by yourself can be, and I think it’s important to have support in enrolling clients so that I can work full-time as a coach within the next 9 months.”

            • “I would love to enjoy the process of building this new business… have fun!”

            • “To learn practical tools and skills around enrollment and business management – particularly to become masterful at leading Discovery Sessions which lead to a clear next step for the potential client”

            • “I started coach training a few months ago, and I have not been doing the enrollment work I would really love to be doing. I see that I could use more structure and support around consistently doing work to support enrollment.”

            Dates & Time

            We will meet online 4 times per month for 6 months to support you to not only learn skills, but reach your client and income goals. April 29 – October 28, 2020 • Wednesdays, 4:00 – 5:30pm Pacific

            What’s the time commitment? 12 90-minute training sessions (two times per month), 12 90-minute training sessions (two times per month), and 30-60 minutes of light “homework” every month. The bulk of the time you’ll invest in this program will be focused on getting out there and enrolling clients. 🙂

            Also, no worries if you can’t join live for some sessions — you’ll get the replay and materials within 48 hours of each session, and you still get unlimited use of the Facebook Group and unlimited text support from Jeremy.


            April 29

            Kick Off Call


            May 6

            Training: Referral System


            May 13

            Coaching: Goals & Targets


            May 20

            Training: Discovery Session Foundations


            May 27

            Coaching: Discover your “north star”


            June 3

            Training: Who You Work With


            June 10



            June 17

            Training: Focus Your Time


            June 24

            Coaching: Practice Referral Conversations


            July 1

            Training: Follow Up With Ease


            July 8



            July 15

            Training: Enrolling Everyone Into Your Mission


            July 22



            July 29

            Training: Uncover the Opportunity


            August 5

            Coaching: Practice Uncovering the Opportunity


            August 12

            Training: How to Talk About What You Do


            August 19



            August 26

            Training: Coach Success Panel


            September 2



            September 16

            Training: What if they say…


            September 23

            Coaching: Practice Addressing Questions


            September 30

            Training: Empowering Money Conversations


            October 7



            October 14

            Training: Renewal Sessions


            October 21



            October 28

            Celebration & Next Steps


            6 monthly payments at the level that is a stretch but not a hardship:

            • $500/month if you are financially flourishing
            • $425/month if you are financially stable
            • $375/month if you are making ends meet

            (Returning students: contact me for discounted pricing)

            “Can I earn my investment back?”

            It goes without saying that I cannot guarantee what results you will produce during this program. Your results depend on where you’re starting, the amount of time you can devote to enrollment, and your level of engagement with the training and coaching you’re getting from the program.

            What I can say is that on average, graduates from this program enroll 7-10 new clients during the 6-months they are enrolled (and then many more in the months after the program, because they have momentum). Some enroll more. Some enroll fewer because they are focusing on a day job still.

            I set the price for this program to make it a “no brainer” for you. If you enroll two new clients, the program has already more than paid for itself.. Here’s the math: $100/session * 2 session/month * 6 month contract = $400/month for 6 months.

            “What’s it worth?”

            You’ll get 39+ hours of training and group coaching. I’m a Professionally Certified Coach, with over 1,600 hours of coaching experience. 1-on-1, this would cost $9,750.

            With the group format, I can offer the course at a fraction that cost, and you get to benefit from the support of the community.

            Questions? Contact me!

            100% Money-Back Guarantee

            I promise that you’ll get more than your investment’s worth — or contact me by June 1, 2020 to get a full refund. AND keep all the materials you’ve received.

            Join Now

            Thank you!

            I believe coaches are doing incredibly important work to bring about a thriving world.

            Whether you join this program or not, I want you to know you’re taking a bold stand for people’s greatness by being a part of this profession. I want to support you to get your work out in the world however I can, so please let me know!

            I’m committed to only having people in this program who will get the most value from it. So if you’re considering whether it’s a fit for you to join, please be in touch, and we’ll take a look together at what the best next step would be for you.

            Big hugs,