Coaching for Social Change Leaders

I help changemakers be fully engaged and fully alive while they work for a better world.

What I offer as a coach

I know how exhausting it can be to see a vision for the world and want to give everything you’ve got to make it happen.

I’ve been supporting changemakers for over 10 years as a leadership coach because I believe we all want to give our best to change the world without exhausting ourselves. That’s what I help folks do.

I believe that it’s possible to live rich, meaningful, growth-filled lives AND make a difference AND be full of aliveness (rather than being full of overwhelm).

That’s what I help my clients do.

Who I work with

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I tend to work with folks who…

  • Care deeply about creating a better world
  • Are leading teams
  • Are navigating uncomfortable conversations with teammates (feedback, firing, conflict, identity differences, etc)
  • Are seeking non-hierarchical and self-management approaches to their organizational culture
  • Want to discover the role that brings them most alive
  • Are longing to demonstrate their values around justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion (J.E.D.I.) in their work and life.
  • Want to create habits that reflect their values and the life they want to be living. (I geek out hard on the science of habit development!)
  • Want to experience mental, emotional, and physical wellness while doing work for social change (not having to give up one for the other).
  • Want to level up their time management (which is not the same as “productivity” in my view of things.)
  • … And just want someone on their team for a bit.

Social change work: I work with folks who have a passion for creating a world with more environmental justice, racial justice, and compassion. This could be direct movement work or indirect support work that contributes to these movements.

You’re probably a better fit for another coach/practitioner if You’re just getting started in your work for justice and social change and you’re not sure where you want to focus.

The difference between coaching and therapy: Coaching is intended to support you to make the contributions you’re proud of toward a more just and liberated world. Therapy is intended to support your mental health and psychological healing. If you’re looking for mental health support, I’m happy to refer you to practitioners who specialize in these areas.

My Coaching Style

My influences include: 

  • adrienne maree brown and her way of centering compassion in movement spaces while being no-bullshit about what is and isn’t working.
  • Joanna Macy and her approach to honoring grief and starting from gratitude in the midst of global crisis and uncertainty
  • The Fifth Sacred Thing for a vision of a future that I would love to live in.
  • Four Thousand Weeks for the way it acknowledges our finite amount of time instead of trying to “be more productive and fit more in.”
  • Brave New Work (book and podcast) and Reinventing Organizations for principles of self-management, non-hierarchical, and other new ways of working that are “people positive and complexity conscious.”
  • Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings for their deep appreciation of simple things, honoring of suffering, and the power of mindfulness in every moment of our life (not just while sitting in meditation).
  • The Enneagram framework as a way to help us understand our strengths and growth areas.

I have many more teachers and influences I could list—I’ve chosen these more well-known sources to help give you a sense of my style.

Package and pricing

Coaching Package

  • Choose between a 3-month package or 6-month package (The 6-month package includes a free additional session during our first month so we can get momentum.)
  • 2 sessions per month
  • 55-minute sessions


I offer coaching on a sliding scale, based on my deep belief in a more equitable economy. I invite you to choose a tier that works for you.

Financial situationFee for 2 sessions/month
Regenerative Rate
If you are able to contribute at this tier, it makes it possible for me to offer more scholarship slots.
Solidarity Rate
If you are financially flourishing.
Sustainer Rate
If you are financially comfortable. This is the baseline tier.
Access Rate
If you are paying out of pocket and are financially stretching to be able to access coaching.
If these amounts are too much of a stretch…Contact me and we can discuss a rate that works for you.


10% of all the profit I earn from coaching is redistributed to community organizations and causes working for a more just and life-giving world.

No-risk Guarantee

I want you to feel good about our work together group, so I offer a 30-day guarantee. If you’re not finding our work helpful within the first 30 days after the group starts, just let me know. I’ll happily refund your payments up to that point, no hard feelings. What’s most important to me is that you have the support that is right for you. Also, after the 30 days, you can cancel our contract at any time.

About Jeremy

Activism & coaching

I have been a lifelong climate activist. I got my start in coaching because I saw what a difference it was making for me in my life and social change work. As someone who cared deeply about the world, I found myself exhausting myself trying to contribute to every cause and organization that so deeply needed support (maybe you can relate!). Since then, coaching social change leaders has been my way to support our movements.

I’ve been coaching for 10 years (I started in 2012) and have over 2,400 hours of experience coaching social change leaders, nonprofit directors, activists, community organizers, and social entrepreneurs.

Personally: I care deeply about communal living, I’ve been learning to play piano (90’s rock out sing-alongs!), and I just started rock climbing.

Identities & social location

In my view, a part of bringing social justice principles into coaching is shining a light on social location and being able to have frank conversations about differences in identity, background, and experiences. To begin that conversation, here’s a bit about me:

I’m a white, cis, straight man. My ancestors were from England, Sweden, and Denmark. I’m 34 years old. I grew up in a middle-class family and have an undergraduate degree. I’m able-bodied and generally neurotypical. I grew up in a Catholic home and now identify as spiritual but not religious. I’ve recently started practicing Buddhism in the Plum Village Tradition. I live in Oakland, California in a communal house with some of my dear friends.

My commitment to anti-racism, equity, and inclusion

As part of my ongoing journey to wake up to my own social conditioning, I strive to be a student and practitioner of anti-racism and decolonization. I’m currently a part of an active multi-racial community of practice of Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI) facilitators and practitioners through Holistic Underground. We are a source of accountability and support for one another around JEDI principles as we engage in our work.

Next steps

Coaching is a very personal relationship. Finding out if we’re a good fit for one another is the most important thing. And I’m definitely not the right coach for everyone. If you’d like to see if we’re a fit, let’s set up a discovery session to chat.

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If you have any questions before you schedule, please contact me.